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Murder She Wrote - Seasons 1-6 (Box Set) (36 Disk)


Hun Så Et Mord - Sæson 1-6

Vis stor:  []

Produceret: 1989
Genre:T.V. Serie, Drama, Krimi
Keywords:Hun Så Et Mord
Aldersgrænse: Tilladt fra 15 år.
Længde:ca. 109 timer

  1 stk. på lager
 Pris:  399,95 DKK
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Engelsk (Dolby Digital)

Dansk, Finsk, Norsk, Svensk

Fullscreen 1.33:1 (4:3)

Antal disk: 36 x


Season 1:
  1. The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
  2. Deadly Lady
  3. Birds of a Feather
  4. Hooray for Homicide
  5. It's a Dog's Life
  6. Lovers and Other Killers
  7. Hit, Run and Homicide
  8. We're Off to Kill the Wizard
  9. Death Takes a Curtain Call
  10. Death Casts a Spell
  11. Capitol Offense
  12. Broadway Malady
  13. Murder to a Jazz Beat
  14. My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean
  15. Paint Me a Murder
  16. Tough Guys Don't Die
  17. Sudden Death
  18. Footnote to Murder
  19. Murder Takes the Bus
  20. Armed Response
  21. Murder at the Oasis
  22. Funeral at Fifty-Mile

Season 2:
  1. Widow, Weep for Me
  2. Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly
  3. Murder in the Afternoon
  4. School for Scandal
  5. Sing a Song of Murder
  6. Reflections of the Mind
  7. A Lady in the Lake
  8. Dead Heat
  9. Jessica Behind Bars
  10. Sticks and Stones
  11. Murder Digs Deep
  12. Murder by Appointment Only
  13. Trial by Error
  14. Keep the Home Fries Burning
  15. Powder Keg
  16. Murder in the Electric Cathedral
  17. One Good Bid Deserves a Murder
  18. If a Body Meet a Body
  19. Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday
  20. Menace, Anyone?
  21. The Perfect Foil
  22. If the Frame Fits

Season 3:
  1. Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 1
  2. Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 2
  3. Unfinished Business
  4. One White Rose for Death
  5. Corned Beef and Carnage
  6. Dead Man's Gold
  7. Deadline for Murder
  8. Magnum on Ice
  9. Obituary for a Dead Anchor
  10. Stage Struck
  11. Night of the Headless Horseman
  12. The Corpse Flew First Class
  13. Crossed Up
  14. Murder in a Minor Key
  15. The Bottom Line Is Murder
  16. Death Takes a Dive
  17. Simon Says, Color Me Dead
  18. No Laughing Murder
  19. No Accounting for Murder
  20. The Cemetery Vote
  21. The Days Dwindle Down
  22. Murder, She Spoke

Season 4:
  1. A Fashionable Way to Die
  2. When Thieves Fall Out
  3. Witness for the Defense
  4. Old Habits Die Hard
  5. The Way to Dusty Death
  6. It Runs in the Family
  7. If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly
  8. Steal Me a Story
  9. Trouble in Eden
  10. Indian Giver
  11. Doom with a View
  12. Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?
  13. Harbinger of Death
  14. Curse of the Daanav
  15. Mourning Among the Wisterias
  16. Murder Through the Looking Glass
  17. A Very Good Year for Murder
  18. Benedict Arnold Slipped Here
  19. Just Another Fish Story
  20. Showdown in Saskatchewan
  21. Deadpan
  22. The Body Politic

Season 5:
  1. J.B.. as in Jailbird
  2. A Little Night Work
  3. Mr. Penroy's Vacation
  4. Snow White, Blood Red
  5. Coal Miner's Slaughter
  6. Wearing of the Green
  7. The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel
  8. Prediction: Murder
  9. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue
  10. Weave a Tangled Web
  11. The Search for Peter Kerry
  12. Smooth Operators
  13. Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble
  14. From Russia... with Blood
  15. Alma Murder
  16. Truck Stop
  17. The Sins of Castle Cove
  18. Trevor Hudson's Legacy
  19. Double Exposure
  20. Three Strikes, You're Out
  21. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Part 1
  22. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Part 2

Season 6:
  1. Appointment in Athens
  2. Seal of the Confessional
  3. The Grand Old Lady
  4. The Error of Her Ways
  5. Jack and Bill
  6. Dead Letter
  7. Night of the Tarantula
  8. When the Fat Lady Sings
  9. Test of Wills
  10. Class Act
  11. Town Father
  12. Good-Bye Charlie
  13. If the Shoe Fits
  14. How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying
  15. The Fixer-Upper
  16. The Big Show of 1965
  17. Murder -- According to Maggie
  18. O'Malley's Luck
  19. Always a Thief
  20. Shear Madness
  21. The Szechuan Dragon
  22. The Sicilian Encounter

Samme Serie:
Hun Så Et Mord - Sæson 11984
Hun Så Et Mord - Sæson 21985
Hun Så Et Mord - Sæson 31986
Hun Så Et Mord - Sæson 41987
Murder She Wrote - Seasons 7-12

Allen Reisner
Anthony Shaw
Chuck Bowman
Corey Allen
John Astin
John Llewellyn Moxey
Peter Crane
Richard A. Colla
Seymour Robbie
Vincent McEveety
Walter Grauman

Abby Dalton
Adrienne Barbeau
Alex Cord
Angela Lansbury
Barbara Babcock
Barbara Bain
Barbara Bosson
Bart Braverman
Belinda Bauer
Bob Hastings
Bonnie Bartlett
Bradford Dillman
Candy Azzara
Cathryn Damon
Cheryl Arutt
Christine Belford
Claude Akins
Colleen Camp
Courteney Cox
Dane Clark
Daniel McDonald
David Birney
David Hedison
Dean Butler
Dean Jones
Denis Arndt
Diana Canova
Diane Baker
Dirk Benedict
Ed Ames
Eddie Barth
Eddie Bracken
Edie Adams
Edward Albert
Elizabeth Ashley
Ellen Bry
Eric Allan Kramer
Fernando Allende
Gene Barry
George Clooney
Georgia Brown
Grand L. Bush
Grant Goodeve
Grant Heslov
Greg Evigan
Gretchen Corbett
Herschel Bernardi
Hoyt Axton
Hunt Block
Ian Ogilvy
Jack Bannon
Jackie Cooper
James Coco
Jamie Farr
Jane Greer
Jason Beghe
Jason Evers
Jay Acovone
Jean Simmons
Jeff Conaway
Jenny Agutter
Jessica Browne
Joey Cramer
John Amos
John Beck
John Dye
John Furey
Jonathan Brandis
José Ferrer
Juliana Donald
Julie Adams
June Chadwick
Karlene Crockett
Katherine Cannon
Kathleen Beller
Keith Michell
Ken Howard
Kerry Armstrong
Laraine Day
Len Cariou
Linda Blair
Lisa Blount
Lise Hilboldt
Lloyd Bochner
Lucie Arnaz
Mark Lindsay Chapman
Martin Balsam
Mary Jo Catlett
Mason Adams
Maureen Arthur
Max Baer Jr.
Melissa Sue Anderson
Melody Anderson
Michael Anderson Jr.
Michael Ansara
Michael Callan
Michael Cole
Michael Horton
Milton Berle
Morgan Brittany
Noah Beery Jr.
Norman Alden
Olivia Cole
Orson Bean
Pamela Bellwood
Patricia Barry
Paul Carafotes
Peter Graves
Philip Abbott
Ramon Bieri
Ray Buktenica
Rene Auberjonois
Richard Anderson
Richard Beymer
Richard Paul
Robert Hogan
Robin Dearden
Ron Masak
Ronnie Claire Edwards
Ronny Cox
Rosemary DeCamp
Sam Behrens
Shaun Cassidy
Shea Farrell
Shelley Fabares
Stephanie Faracy
Susan Anspach
Susan Anton
Susan Blakely
Talia Balsam
Theodore Bikel
Thom Bray
Todd Bryant
Tom Bosley
Victoria Carroll
Vincent Baggetta
Vivian Blaine
Warren Berlinger
Will Nye
William Atherton
William Windom

Anthony Magro
David Bell
John Addison
Mike Stevens
Peter S. Fischer
Richard Levinson
Richard Markowitz
Robert C. Moreno
Robert E. Swanson
Robert F. O'Neill
Robert Van Scoyk
William Link

Angela Lansbury
Chris Manheim
Donald Ross
Eddie Barth
Paul Savage
Peter S. Fischer
Richard Levinson
Robert E. Swanson
Tom Sawyer
William Link