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I Was A Male War Bride

Vis stor:  []

Produceret: 1949
Genre:Komedie, Romantik, Klassiker
Udgiver:Optimum Releasing
Aldersgrænse: Tilladt for alle.
Materiale:Sort & hvid
Længde:ca. 2 timer

  UK Import
Kan ikke bestilles
Engelsk (1.0 Mono)

(ikke blevet opdateret)

Fullscreen 1.33:1 (4:3)

Antal disk: 


In Howard Hawks' screwball classic I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE, both French Captain Henri Rochard (Cary Grant) and American Lieutenant Catherine Gates (Ann Sheridan) are less than pleased to learn that they have been assigned to work with each other on a military assignment and many barbed comments and witty repartee ensue. Despite their initial animosity, it isn't long before the pair fall madly in love and decide to get married. However, their futile together looks uncertain when Catherine is ordered to return to America...without Henri. Desperate to remain together and return to America, the only way for them to stay together is for Henri to board the boat disguised as a war bride....

With Grant and Sheridan on top form and Hawks (His Girl Friday, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) at his comic best, I WAS A WAR BRIDE is a must-have for any DVD collection.
Ekstra features:

• Behind The Scenes Footage
• Stills Gallery
• Trailer

Howard Hawks

Alex Gerry
Alfred Linder
André Charlot
Ann Sheridan
Arthur Hill
Bill Neff
Carl Jaffe
Cary Grant
Charles B. Fitzsimons
Coral Drouyn
Estelle Brody
Eugene Gericke
Gil Herman
H.P. Crowe
Harry Lauter
Joe Haworth
Kenneth Nobey
King Donovan
Lily Kann
Marion Marshall
Mark Baker
Michael Balfour
Mike Mahoney
Otto Waldis
Patricia Cutts
Patricia Marmont
Paul Hardtmuth
Randy Stuart
Robert Adair
Robert Kleinert
Robert Stevenson
Russ Conway
Stanley Maxted
William Neff

Sol C. Siegel

Charles Lederer
Hagar Wilde
Henri Rochard
Leonard Spigelgass